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Installing Embird in Windows 8

Tutorial for Embird 2016, 2015, 2013 and 2012

This tutorial explains how to install and run Embird in Windows 8. It is supposed that user is logged into Windows 8 as Administrator, and all other settings are left at their default values, including User Account Control setting (UAC). Also, it is supposed that the PASSWORD.KLC file containing user passwords is stored on USB memory key and this key is connected to PC, so the file can be visible as e.g. "F:\PASSWORD.KLC" file.

Note: Before you start installing Embird and/or its plug-ins, please find out the type of your Windows as shown in tutorial Installing Embird, step 9 and 10. It is either 32-bit or 64-bit version. Download appropriate installation file of main Embird program and optional plug-ins from http://www.embird.net/sw/embird/newdown.htm.

1 - Run the downloaded installation file of Embird. The User Account Control mechanism will warn you that this program will make changes to your computer (Picture No. 1). Click "Yes" button.

Picture No.1

Run downloaded file, UAC will show warning

2 - The first screen of Embird installer will appear on screen (Picture No. 2). Click "Setup" button.

Picture No.2

Click Setup button

3 - The program will inform you about new password required for Embird and possibility to order an upgrade from version 2010 or earlier (Picture No. 3). Click "No" button to continue with installation.

Picture No. 3

Upgrade information

4 - Next screen contains a warning you that it is recommended to switch OFF the User Account Control (UAC) setting. (Picture No. 4). You can ignore this warning and keep the current (default) setting of UAC. Click "OK" button to continue.

Picture No. 4

Switch off the UAC

5 - Next screen allows you to choose the language (Picture No. 5). Click "OK" button to continue.

Picture No. 5

Select language

6 - Select option "I accept the terms in the license agreement" and click "Install" button to continue.

Picture No. 6

License agreement

7 - Specify your personal information (Picture No. 7) and click "Next" button.

Picture No. 7

Copy ID

8 - Click "No" button if you do not want to run Embird Quick Searcher on Windows startup (Picture No. 8).

Picture No. 8

Launch Searcher on Windows startup

9 - Wait until the installation process is finished (Picture No. 9) and program group is created (Picture No. 10).

Note: Download and install also all plug-ins (Alphabets, Studio) which you plan to use. Just run the downloaded file of plug-in and click "Unzip" button as shown in Installing Embird Plug-in in Windows 8 tutorial.

Picture No. 9

Installation process finished

Picture No. 10

Embird program group

10 - Installation program should create the shortcuts on your Desktop (Picture No. 11).

Picture No. 11

Desktop shortcuts

11 - Make sure that icon of "Embird" application contains the shield as shown in Picture No. 11. This means, that this program will be run with Administrator privileges. It is important to run this program with administrator privileges. Otherwise it is not allowed to make changes in Windows registry database required by Iconizer plug-in settings.

12 - If there is no shield shown in Embird icon, please right click this icon and select menu Properties > Compatibility > Run this program as an administrator (Picture No. 12).

Picture No. 12

Run as administrator

13 - Double click Embird icon to run it. The User Account Control mechanism will warn you that this program will make changes to your computer (Picture No. 13). Click "Yes" button.

Picture No. 13

Run Embird, UAC will show warning

14 - Embird will start. It is unregistered copy (Picture No. 14), so it is necessary to insert the password for main Embird program and plug-ins to change the demo (evaluation) version into full version.

Picture No. 14

Unregistered copy of Embird

15 - Select menu "Help > Password" (Picture No. 15).

Picture No. 15

Menu Help > Passwords

16 - Select the drive containing USB memory key with PASSWORD.KLC file and click "Recover" button (Picture No. 16).

Picture No. 16

Recover passwords

17 - The passwords will be loaded into program (Picture No. 17). Click "OK" button.

Picture No. 17

Passwords were loaded

18 - Run Embird again, this time it should show that it is registered copy. Click "Activate Embird Software" button (Picture No. 18).

Picture No. 18

Embird activation

19 - After a short while, the activation process should be finished (Picture No. 19). Click "OK" button.

Picture No. 19

Activation finished

20 - To enable Iconizer plug-in please select menu "Options > Iconizer Settings" (Picture No. 20).

Picture No. 20

Menu Options > Iconizer settings

21 - A dialog box with Iconizer plug-in settings will appear on screen. Click "Typical Settings" button (Picture No. 21).

22 - Launch Windows Explorer and check the icons of embroidery designs.

Picture No. 21

Typical Iconizer settings

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