What is New?

Studio NEXT

Build 1.0, 17 Nov 2021

First official release of Studio NEXT generation (TEST version)

Our NEXT generation technology brings a leap in graphical user interface, a full multi-core CPU support and readiness for future multi-platform deployment. New graphical user interface was made so that it adapts smoothly to any common screen resolution and provides large enough and legible text and icons.

When the test phase is finished the Studio NEXT is supposed to replace the current Studio. Embird Basic program and all its plug-ins will also be replaced with their respective NEXT generation versions.

Besides release for Windows, Embird and its plug-ins will be gradually released also for Android, Mac OS and iOS, using the same look and feel on all platforms.

The test version of Studio NEXT is fully functional, but it is supposed to be updated frequently as issues caused by its novelty may arrise. During the test phase, the previous version of Studio is available as well and it is possible to swap the work (*.eof files) between them if needed.

Studio NEXT may look to users of previous versions as a totally different program, but in fact it is not. Studio NEXT has almost all functions of the previous version, but many of them have been renamed or moved to other menus or panels for the sake of clarity, controls accessibility on small and large screens and compatibility with operating systems which are going to be supported by future releases of Studio NEXT.

Features of NEXT Generation Technology

Studio NEXT - Enhancements

Studio NEXT - Temporarily Removed Functionality

Few features have been temporarily removed during the development. These features will be added back again in the future.

Studio NEXT - Discontinued Functionality

Few features have been discontinued in Studio NEXT, mostly because of lack of their support in operating systems where deployment of Studio is planned.

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